Saying, “I do”

Since the Castle opened in 2002, weddings have taken place with the Castle forming a perfect backdrop.  Bridal couples come from all over to hold their weddings at the Castle. Couples are drawn to the beautiful outdoor Wedding Terrace, hosting a wonderful dinner reception in the Event Center, and staying in a Castle suite for the wedding night. The Castle allows bridal couples to experience a fairy tale wedding in the shadow of a stately Castle.

Wedding ceremonies are held at the Outdoor Wedding Terrace. With seating for up to 200 people at the ceremony and reception, bridal couples have plenty of room to seat guests as they witness the exchanging of vows. The sound of live music accentuates the stunning landscape that surrounds the Terrace. White wedding chairs face a pergola, creating a picture perfect wedding.

The first wedding took place shortly after the Castle opened. Originally, receptions were held in a tent. The Event Center and restaurant were built and opened in 2009, thus accommodating up to 200 people for a wedding reception. Prior to the Event Center opening, the outdoor Wedding Terrace was constructed and has served as the venue for all wedding ceremonies. The addition of a white pergola has created an ideal setting for an outdoor wedding.

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In December of 2015, Gordon Ramsay’s TV show, Hotel Hell, filmed at the Castle. The episode focused on Gordon’s assistance in re-organizing the kitchen, introducing a new menu, and renovating the Event Center for a wedding. Gordon stressed the importance of owner Marta Landoll passing the management of the Castle business on to her son, Jimmy Landoll. As general manager, Jimmy needed the guidance of Gordon Ramsay and his consultants to completely revise the look and presentation of weddings at the Castle.

G.Ramsay in Event Center
Gordon Ramsay introducing a renovated Event Center and a new menu for weddings, the restaurant, and special events.

Today, all weddings are presented just as Gordon Ramsay’s team recommended. Bridal couples are offered an exquisite menu with varying meal options that are not only appetizing in appearance, but wonderful in taste.

Check out Landoll’s Mohican Castle for your wedding and/or banquet reception. You will have a royal time!


The suites

Landoll’s Mohican Castle opened in 2002 as a hotel with 11 suites. Every suite is named after Landoll family members. Not only are the names unique, but every suite is unique.

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Recently, a couple arrived to check-in. As the were finishing their paperwork, they mentioned that they have almost finished their goal. When we asked about that goal, they replied, “Our goal to stay in every room in the Castle.”

It has taken them several years to fulfill this goal. They continued with stories about their favorite features in each room. No room is alike. While they all have king or queen beds, sitting areas, kitchenettes, and large bathrooms with showers and jacuzzi-tubs, each suite has been handcrafted from a vision in Mr. Landoll’s imagination.

Mr. Landoll built every suite with unique designs and features. The walls were hand-painted by an artist and took around 7 months to complete. The glass shower walls in every room contain 3/8 in glass…thicker than standard glass shower walls. The floor tile throughout every bathroom was imported from Italy. All of the woodwork came from trees on the Castle estate and were milled at a local lumber mill.

When asked about their favorite room, the couple couldn’t choose just one. They started listing the unique features of each room. They mentioned the tower and sitting room in the Landoll Suite, or the gated entrance to the Kihm Suite. They loved the woodwork in the Hess Suite, and they couldn’t forget the skylight over the bed in the Gale Suite.

We handed them the key to their suite. They were on their way to the next suite to enjoy the rich furnishings and unique features. You could tell the couple were excited to explore another new room in the Castle and continue toward fulfilling their goal of staying in every Castle suite.

A gathering spot

As you travel into the Mohican forests and hills, one wonders about the layers of history that exists in this peaceful place. Driving onto the Castle property, you quickly notice that you are driving up a hillside. This vantage point provided the Landoll family with a prime location in which to build the Castle with an imposing appearance. As you drive up the hill, the Castle seems to rise up and dominate your view. You notice the many different places around the Castle that the Landoll family has set up as gathering spots. There are decks, patios, sidewalks, benches, and terraced landscaping.

The Castle has served as a gathering spot since 2002 when it opened. As you explore the grounds you realize that others have gathered on this spot long before the Landoll’s Mohican Castle was built.


At the top of the hill, just above the Castle, you notice a very old cemetery tucked under the trees. This cemetery, the Heyd Cemetery, contains the remains of early American settlers, including Jacob Heyd and his family. Mr. Heyd immigrated to the United States after serving in Napoleon’s army. He settled on the property in which the Castle sits. On this hilltop he built a wagon repair business to assist those on the westward expansion. The cemetery surrounded a small log church, a Lutheran church, that burned down long ago. This hilltop served as a gathering spot in the early 1800s as travelers made their way into new lands.

But, they weren’t the first to gather on this hilltop. The Wolf tribe in the Delaware nation of Native American Indians, used these lands as hunting grounds. The Wolf tribe chief, Captain Pipe, found this land to be rich with wildlife to sustain his fellow tribe members in villages along the Clearfork of the Mohican River.

Today, you can enjoy a retreat to the Castle in the same woods that sustained the lives of Jacob Heyd, Captain Pipe, and the many people who crisscrossed this hillside. You will join in a long history of gathering on the grounds that has served many generations as a place of sustenance and reprieve.

The little tower

The First Tower

In 2002, Landoll’s Mohican Castle opened. After 6 years of construction, the Landoll family began a new Ohio destination that has drawn thousands of visitors and guests each year.

When Mr. Landoll moved his family to the Castle property, other than a home, there was a barn standing on the hillside. Mr. Landoll fell in love with the castles of Europe and dreamed of building his own castle. He took the old barn, with it’s lovely arched doorways, and began to add stone to the front. The dream began.

It needed a tower! All castles have towers. Mr. Landoll envisioned a lovely little tower attached to this castle that was being built from a barn. Just to the right of the barn, or the Castle Lobby, he built a tower. This adorable little tower has a spiral staircase that leads to a little room at the top of the tower.

Children are drawn to the first tower. It is irresistible to climb. The other day, a 79 year old child climbed to the top with her granddaughter. It was fun to see the spark in her eye when she reached the 360 degree platform at the top. She was a princess awaiting her prince charming.

Mr. Landoll started with a barn and a little tower. He built a dream that still enchants children of all ages who visit the Castle every day.